A Printable Press can give you amazing AND affordable wedding invitations!

By on Oct. 16th

Loooongtime readers might remember one of my most memorable weddings to profile, Kimi and Paul's jug band, critter-filled wedding. That wedding was DIYed to the max with hand-made dress embelishments, art projects as centerpieces, not to mention the invitations designed by Kimi herself. That's why I'm not surprised in the LEAST that the next time I should here from this particular Offbeat Bride is when her stationery business, A Printable Press, became one of our sponsors!

Damn, I love that! Let's all take a moment to cheer for yet another Offbeat Bride-turned-business lady, about how A Printable Press makes great invite designs affordable (besides the special discount code!), and gush about Kimi's awesome invitation designs…

Kimi created A Printable Press as a way to bring high-end design to anyone, no matter what their budget! As Kimi explains, what inspired her to start A Printable Press was not a love of stationery but rather her amazing DIY wedding dress. She thought about how all those who are not professional artists and graphic designers who would also love a little elegance, a little whimsy, "but in a way that would still allow them to save for a down payment on a future home." And so she got pro-active and created A Printable Press.

We believe that everyone deserves good design. In this day and age it is more important than ever to be careful with money — but lovely design should always be a part of life as well.

A Printable Press offers both print-ready PDFs and affordable printed wedding stationery. Printable files are PERFECT for budget-minded couples, and can be printed in many ways — not just at home! If you want something beautiful but easy, you can order printed cards directly from them. All designs have an emphasis on fantastic artwork and (for you font nerds) fabulous typography.

And ordering your fantastic wedding invitations from A Printable Press is ridonkulously easy:

  1. Choose your style
  2. Choose whether you want 'em printable or printed
  3. Place your order
  4. Boom: Receive your artsy, topographic-tastic wedding invitations!

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: To show love for fellow non-traditional folk out there, A Printable Press is running a week-long, 10% off promotion! Just enter the code "Offbeat" at checkout to take advantage of this discount.

So hurry up and go check it out!