North Carolina's Sugarland Bakery is going to rock your custom wedding desserts

By on Oct. 19th

North Carolinians, get ready for your salivary glands to start getting as excited as your eyeballs as I introduce you to our sponsor Sugarland Bakery. Sugarland is a from-scratch bakery, gelateria, coffee shop, and bar located in North Carolina. But most importantly… they create fabulous wedding and special occasion cakes.

And they are all about customization…and art degrees… and gelato surprises…

Everyone in the Sugarland kitchen has either a pastry degree or art degree. (Confession: I had no idea that pastry degrees were a thing! That's so rad.) So there is very little that they can't do… A cake that looks like Wrigley Field with your likenesses sitting atop said cake baseball icon? Of course! A black and white damask cake with a big black bow? Hell yeah — not a problem.

If they can make cakes that look like these, I imagine they could make a cake to match your Dr. Who inspired wedding shoes, Steampunk invitations, or even your gothic wedding gown. They just really do want your cake to look like it's, well, YOURS:

One of our biggest pet peeves is making a cake that looks like it's at the wrong wedding, so we work with our clients to make the perfect cake for them. When we do design meetings, we ask couples to bring the things they are excited about in their wedding so we can design a cake based on those things. If the bride really loves her dress, we make fabulous dress cakes [Editor's note: Two dress cakes can be seen pictured above]. If they love their invitations, we can copy the design onto their cake. We even had one couple who's project together was building their house, so we made a cake that looked like it! We can even match a couple's theme in color or flavor with our gelato bar and frozen martinis!

Yes, they said "our gelato bar and frozen martinis." Sugarland makes authentic Italian gelato that they can bring to you event with their traveling gelato bar! They even make frozen martinis (as featured on the Food Network!) out of their gelato.

With cupcakes, yummy gelato, and custom cakes with flavors like Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Wimbledon, and Casey's Cake rich with passion fruit and fresh raspberries, you're going to have a rough time choosing what to get. At least ordering a cake from Sugarland is easy. Just stop by their Chapel Hill store during business hours, or stop by their website to get in contact!

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