A French-Mexican fusion wedding in Mexico City

By on Oct. 11th

Imagine getting to attend a French-Mexican fusion wedding outside of Mexico City with local and French foods, amazing dancing (salsa included), and tons of DIY details. Julie Hagenbuch got to do just that when she photographed Marie and Mario's gorgeous ceremony and party under the stars.

Marie handmade her own dress (including the embroidery) in addition to embroidering Mario's shirt and painting his vintage sandals. She also made the mango centerpieces, hand-painted the bird placemats, and made the napkin holders.

The food looked divine too. A bowl of hors d'oeuvres on each table was filled with both chicharrones and French cheese. The meal was Mexican with blue tortillas with cactus and sheep filler, but dessert was a French custard cake covered in grapes. The party went into the night, kept going by a large bonfire.

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