Glam, rock, and gothic makeup looks FOR MEN

By on Oct. 16th

I love this shot of bride Emma doing her groom Iain's makeup. Such bonding. Photo by Lauren McGlynn Photography

Reader Kirstin likes her man's makeup and sent us this awesome request:

I was thinking to myself today that I haven't seen many options for guyliner/guy's makeup out there. I know there's no way in hell my guy would dress up without his makeup on for the big day, but I'd kind of like him to wear something other than his everyday eyeliner. Do you think we could have a superficial snack of awesome guy makeup?
– Kirstin

Hell yes we can. I found some good examples from the Offbeat Bride archives, a couple of YouTube gurus, and of course, some celebrities rockin' the guy makeup.

YouTuber GraysonCoutts shows us the basics of priming, concealing, and contouring.

YouTuber GossMakeupArtist shares his version of grungy, glossy guyliner and bronzer. He even uses a little color on his beard to make the look even dirtier. This is definitely good for a rock look.

cake kiss

Check out Pony's amazing white facial makeup from his and Pinkee's wedding. (Here's how it looked from the front.) Photo by Jonathan Weiner

Groom reads his ceremonial toast to the bride

Auros (of Christa and Auros' elegant gothic wedding) has an intricate drawn-on liner design. Plus, RED NAILS!

Finally, an excuse to put a shirtless photo of David Tenant into a post. He looks damn good in guyliner. Photo via

Author, actor, LGBT advocate, pop culture guru Clint Catalyst always knows how to rock the gothic chic looks. Photo via FanPop


Avalon and Daniel are a gothic wet dream. I love Daniel's red eye makeup to match his hair. Plus, they did their makeup together. Photo by J.R. Blackwell

This groom in a styled shoot has a pretty natural guyliner look to match his rock bride. Photo by Rebecca Douglas

Help us out! What other kinds of makeup will the grooms be wearing on their wedding day?