Toss two-player plushies instead of garters and flowers

Guestpost by 8bitdame on Oct. 25th

I'm an Offbeat Bride with a Traditional Lovin' Sweetie. A lot of this wedding has been one long compromise after another as we figure out what things to keep, what to toss, and what to make ours.

I am squicked out by the idea of my husband reaching up my skirts to remove a garter to throw to the male people of the reception crowd. I know I'm not alone with this feeling. Some people don't bat an eye. That's cool. But it is on that list of "definitely not my thing."

So imagine my dismay when I saw the look of disappointment across my sweet one's face when I casually listed it off as one of the traditions that was going to be cut from the wedding. He was looking forward to that.

"Tossing stuff at your guests" is, apparently, one of those things that needs to stay in. So here's what I decided to do…

We are both big gamers. We tote about our gaming geek flag and we hold it high. We're going to toss plushies. We decided to keep it to possibly the most well known pair of two-player co-op icons the world over — Mario and Luigi.

I get to toss Luigi, because I love him the best. I also love my partner so much for listening to me. AND I don't have to worry about poking someone's eye out.

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My name is Elaine, and primarily I consider my self a savvy lady gamer artist. I have my own Youtube channel that I post my game play footage on (although it's sadly neglected do to wedding planning). I love to craft, draw, and bake. Chief forms of entertainment for me are playing games or reading. I enjoy dancing like no one is watching, with everyone watching.