A geeky and gorgeous forest preserve wedding

By on Oct. 4th

Saeri and Brent were wed at Evans Field, a forest preserve just outside of Chicago. Saeri wore a persimmon-colored dress (to match her ink), they both wore Converse, and they had a ceremony filled with geek references to dinosaurs and zombies. They had steamed buns from Wow Bao (a delish Chicago joint known for their "hot Asian buns").

An aunt performed a hula dance, while another aunt read an English and German poem that Saeri's grandmother wrote for them. It was definitely a mix of cultures and interests that blended so well together. Rebecca at Studio Nouveau photographed the wedding said, "You know those weddings that are just dripping with special details that give you a sense of the couple? This wedding was one of those."

Their rings were reversible: Saeri's name became Brent when turned upside down, and vice versa.

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The vendors!