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Cheap wedding shoes that are also freaking awesome

By on Oct. 19th

Vienna Waits Open Toe HeelsA couple weeks ago I did the unobtainable wedding shoes. This week, I'm sliding to the the other end of the wedding spectrum, featuring shoes that cost less than $70.

A small caution with super cheap shoes: some of these are going to be designer knock-offs. Some of them might not be the most comfortable or well-constructed. Some of them are available in limited quantities or are only available in limited sizes. For this post, I prioritized price point over all other interests, but I did make a point to have flats and heels both evenly represented. (And of course a lot of bright colors.)

So if you're looking for fabulous, offbeat bridal footwear that's going to make your feet look sweet for the afternoon you get married, this is your post.

Naturalizer - Prissy (Cosmic Dust Metallic Foil Leather) - Footwear

Not Rated - Pop Queen (Blue) - Footwear
Not Rated - Editor (Teal) - Footwear
Not Rated - Magic Spell (Cream) - Footwear
Romantic Soles - Geneva (Red Satin) - Footwear
Romantic Soles - Dasha (Silver) - Footwear
rsvp - Wishy (Platinum Satin) - Footwear
Not Rated - Nine Lives (Mustard) - Footwear
Madden Girl - Unifyy (Coral Patent) - Footwear
Pleaser USA - Vanity 440 (Red Patent) - Footwear
Miss Me - Divine-25 (Turquoise) - Footwear
Annie - Angelina (Ivory) - Footwear
Miss Me - Jocelyn-47A (Coral) - Footwear
Miss Me - Kristy-4 (Blue) - Footwear
rsvp - Starla (Champagne) - Footwear
Wish Upon This Heel
Drum and Base Heel
My Lucky Stars Heel
No Need to Spree Heel in Tan
Wise and Shine Heel
Sweet on Sweets Heel
Clear Blue Skies Heel
Among the Fuchsia Heel
Wing and a Flair Heel
Reception Photos Heel
Proudly Posh Heel
Pink on Your Feet Wedge

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Paije - Black Fabric