Easy woodsy table numbers and place cards

Guestpost by Shareourwedding on Sep. 19th

Crafty Tribesmaid Shareourwedding turned a pile of free logs into some gorgeous mossy table numbers. She even accented these woodsy numbers with equally natural place cards, on the cheap and easy.

Now, I'm not always a do-it-yourself-er, because usually what happens is something like this. But this time, sans instructions, I had a vision, and I went for it. I present to you my easy DIY mossy tree slice table numbers and my quick simple place cards.

First, the guy that lives across the street from my suburban-Chicagoland Target had free logs for sale. I grabbed some that were about 5-6" in diameter and brought them to my dad, who used to be a carpenter. He busted out his old chainsaw and we got to slicing.

Then I found some synthetic moss mats.

Then, I printed out some numbers from the computer to use as "stencils" to create a more unified look.

Then we go to work. First we traced the numbers. Trace them backwards on the opposite side of the moss mat so that when you cut them, the moss side has numbers in the right direction.

Next, cut out the numbers.

Finally, take some wood glue, and glue the numbers on the wood sliced, like so.

This is to give you an idea of their size.

I just used Elmer's Wood Glue. In the end, the numbers turn out pretty darn snazzy.

We made a special one for our sweetheart table.

I thought I'd slip in another tasty DIY treat — our table place cards. They're going to be rocks set on a bed of moss.

I bought a large bag of rocks.

Then I bought a white, extra-fine tipped Paint Sharpie and wrote my guests' names on one side of the rocks, and their table number on the other.

It was pretty quick, simple, and I'm excited to see how it will look on the bed of moss and succulents!

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