Fabulous fashion, a jaunt in the water, and one colorful ceremony space

By on Sep. 10th
Art Nouveau Veil and Headdress

Photo by Hilary Webber

Tribesmaid Inthecorridors created this intricate headpiece from silk millinery flowers and kanzashi on a silk band with a gold-painted Millennium Falcon, atop an ivory stretch lace veil. She said it was inspired by her love of Art Nouveau. Oh, and wait until you see the back view below!

This was just the start of the awesome fashion that crept into the Flickr Pool, the Tribe, and Pinterest this week. It's a fashion bonanza this week in the reader submissions and we are all over it.

Art Nouveau Inspired Veil w/ Millennium Falcon

Photo by Hilary Webber

Tribesmaid Veverka had a gorgeous Wai-Ching dress in earth tones. Photo by Kelly Anthony Photography

I also couldn't resist this back shot which shows all the layers and raw edges of the fabric. So purty. Photo by Kelly Anthony Photography

Lily screaming, and Emma sulking

While we may not be able to control the emotions of the toddlers in attendance, they sure can look cute in their outfits, like Sam's nieces do. Photo by Evoke Photography

Stauffer Wedding_C-050

Jocelyn rocks these pink and black boots like a boss. Photo by Bella Lucia Photography

Ernie & Julio's Radtastical Wedding

I would like to be friends with Ernie and Julio. Their butt-dancing looks super fun. Photo by Brandi Thompson Photography


Kilts, blue sashes, and bare feeties at Safricizzy's wedding.

hall rainbow

Bonus: Safricizzy's rainbow-riffic ceremony decor! If you look closely, you can see rainbow test tubes and origami cranes hiding in the back. Apparently the glasses in the front are for an 'experiment.' Can't wait for the details on this one.

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