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Ruche's classy & cute vintage inspired shoes

By on Sep. 7th

Maddy Corduroy Pumps By Chelsea CrewLook at me! I'm going to deviate from my rainbows and sparkles and platform pumps! I'm going to spend a morning doodling around in's collection of (gasp) classy footwear. CLASSY, YOU GUYS.

Y'all remember Ruche, right? I freaked out about them this spring, and they just launched their autumn bridal lookbook, so of course I've been poking around some more. And yes, they have shoes. CLASSY shoes.

I'm going to feature heels, pumps, and tons of flats. We've got gentle rose colors, and some ivory, and some lovely blues… but of course some brighter colors too because I can't help myself! We've got prices ranging from $30 up to about $200 — so no insane $2300 designer heels here. (Of note for my budget brides: Ruche has a whole section of affordable shoes under $50.)

So, yes: let's get classy for a moment. Join me?

As always, click the images to learn more!

Ready For Anything Pumps By Seychelles

Turk Cutout Heels By Chelsea Crew

Raleigh Colorblocked Heels

Dion Flats By Restricted

Mystique Lace Oxfords By Latigo

Slice It Laser Cut Wedges By Restricted

It's Uncanny Peep Toe Wedges

Stagefright Heels By Seychelles

Seline Pointed Toe Pumps By Restricted

Ismay Heels By B.A.I.T. Footwear

A Bit Of Magic Cutout Wedges By Restricted

Ida Heels In Taupe By B.A.I.T. Footwear

Random bonus shoe

Ladykiller Peep Toe Plat- White Multi