Use SnapTime to collect all of your guests' photos after your wedding

By on Sep. 18th

We get weekly questions from brides wondering which photo sharing service is the easiest for collecting wedding photos… and now we have an answer for you: Our sponsor SnapTime rocks an awesome photo collecting service. SnapTime strikes a great balance for those of you that want an unplugged wedding, but also do want those extra photos. Guests don't need to be on their phones uploading pics on the day of your event; they can just snap away and sort them out later while still giving you all the benefits of having your guests be present during the day.

SnapTime makes it so that every one of your guests who takes photos — whether it's on their smartphone, point and shoot, or digital SLR — can quickly and easily upload the photos they took into a secure, private online folder. Then you can then download them all easily, and in full resolution.

Here's how it works:

  1. Let your guests know that you're using SnapTime to gather all of your photos and give them the password for your album.
  2. Your guests upload their photos into the album.
  3. Download all of the photos in one folder to save forever, print up, or share online!

It's grandma-friendly:

Your guests will be guided through how to upload their photos with a simple step-by-step walkthrough. But if anyone has any problems (you know your grandma is going to get confused) SnapTime has fanatastical tech support. They are always on hand to guide users through the process (however long that might take!). This means you can spend the time after your wedding enjoying your honeymoon instead of trying to do tech support for your family.

Special offers are special:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: SnapTime is offering Offbeat Bride readers a 10% discount on every account they purchase. But HURRY! This offer is only valid until September 24th, 2012.

Even if you miss the discount, SnapTime is only $50 AND they also offers a 100% money back guarantee! So, since there's really nothing to lose and ALL your wedding photos to gain — get started with your SnapTime account NOW.

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