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By on Sep. 7th

Hey you: Married readers! Yeah, we know you're there and we love that you keep reading Offbeat Bride even after your wedding. Do you sometimes feel sad because our vendors aren't really relevent to your needs anymore? (And, um, by the way: are you reading Offbeat Home?) Our long-time sponsor Gemvara still has y'all in mind. Did you know that they have a whole anniversary gift section? They even have an easy guide to make gift buying easy if you just follow the anniversary gemstone list.

I'm about to do your anniversary gift shopping for the next few years right now. If your lady or gentleman partner loves jewelry, we've got some great options for them. Alternately, if you're the more heteronormative type, you might want to bring your guy over to scroll through this post, and maybe throw in a couple of "hint hints."

1st anniversary — Gold

Let's start with your first wedding anniversary. Screw paper — anniversary numero uno is the gold anniversary. I'm thinking that the Large Skylight Disc Gem Pendant is a great gift to get creative with. You could even match the tiny gemstone to a special wedding color, or your partners favorite color. Once you get your hands on it, you could get the gold disc engraved with something sweet — your new initials, a little love note, the Galactic Empire logo, you know, something special.

Bad ass, right? Want me to do more personal anniversary shopping for ya? Good! Because this is fun. Check these ideas for the next 10 years…

3rd anniversary — Pearl

The third anniversary is the pearl anniversary. Did you know that pearls come in more colors than just… well… pearl white? Check out these rad lavender pearl earrings! What about black pearls for your goth princess? Or the classic white pearls for your pin-up chick? Gemvara has a lot of creative pearl jewelry.

5th anniversary — Sapphire

Okay, I LOVE the Birds of a Feather ring. That "birds of a feather flock together" symbolism accented with a little sapphire accent stone makes it the perfect fifth anniversary gift. Hell, I say get TWO of them and have matching love bird rings. Of course, if birds aren't your thang, anything in their sapphire department would make you look like the master of gift-giving.

7th anniversary — Onyx

I had SO much trouble picking out the perfect piece of onyx jewelry, because seriously, I loved EVERYTHING I saw. I totally have a thing for onyx. So, inspired by the bird ring that had double meaning because of the stone and the design, I went with the Infinity Knot Pendant. Because infinity is how much you love each other, right? And, speaking from someone who's been with her partner for seven years, seven years can sometimes feel like infinity! How have I never not known that guy? Anyway, I digress. This necklace is awesome, you are welcome.

10th – Diamond

First of all, congrats on making it 10 years! Now, perhaps you want to go celebrate with some bling. What about upgrading or adding to your wedding ring finger? I LOVE stackable bands, like this sizable diamond beauty. If that's too much bling, no worries: Gemvara has the most incredible selection of diamond jewelry that'll fit ANY budget and any style. And with this special offer, maybe you might be able to stretch your budget a bit farther…

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Through their Facebook page, Gemvara is offering $75 off your jewelry purchase. The discount will be applied at checkout, and is available to redeem through September 12, 2012. Details here.

More anniversary stones can be found here, and more jewelry options and gift ideas await you when you head over to!

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