Wisconsin's wedding videographer Don't Shout Films is looking for offbeat couples

By on Aug. 21st

Jonathan Wheeler, the photographic eye behind our Wisconsin-based sponsor Don't Shout Films, has been filming weddings for the past three years, and doing wedding photography for seven years. In total, Jonathan has been a part of over a hundred weddings — he's seen grand weddings, intimate weddings, and everything in between — but not enough offbeat weddings for his liking. And it's a crime, because Jonathan sounds like ONE OF US:

My work so far has not included too many "offbeat" couples, but I want to! I am an avid video game player, lover of weird electronic music, and fan of many things nerdy, and would love to be at a wedding with a Metroid cake, ambient electronic DJ, and a bride with a rainbow dress. My closest friends are tattooed rock musicians, and I am DYING to work with LGBT couples.

So let's make this happen, guys! Aside from Jonathan obviously being one seriously awesome dude, here are other reasons to make his offbeat couple dreams come true, including his special offer for our readers…

He'll travel:

Don't Shout Films is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

Don't Shout Films is Wisconsin-based, but Jonathan is willing to travel to Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, and the entire midwest! So all of y'all have a chance to get in on the Don't Shout action.

He'll mix it up:
Though his couples may not always be non-traditional, Jonathan always tries to find a way to make his films unique. Sometimes it's with creative music choices, or by including silly moments of funky dancing, or shooting with a vintage camera.

Yup, he shoots film:
Jonathan can break out the Super 8mm film, shooting on vintage movie cameras from the 1970s! I loved having a Super 8 camera at my wedding. It gives an immediate nostalgic feel to your film — like it is something you found in your grandparent's attic. Adding a roll or two of film to your Digital package is a great way to have a little of both in your final film.

Speaking of packages…

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: For readers of Offbeat Bride, Don't Shout Films is offering one free hour of filming on your wedding day when you purchase any wedding package. Just mention that you saw him on Offbeat Bride.

Jonathan is looking forward to meeting eclectic, unique couples of all persuasions. So let's give Don't Shout Films the best year of weddings ever — book him for your offbeat wedding!