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By on Aug. 14th

Have you found your photographer, but still know you don't want to miss out on all those funny candid moments your photographer might otherwise miss? Or are you one of our many couples who don't have the funds for a dedicated wedding photographer? No matter which camp you're in, our sponsor Wedding Snap is going to come to your rescue.

When it comes to your "snagging extra guest photo" schemes, forget the disposable cameras (seriously: worst idea ever) take advantage of all your buddies' smart phones to capture more wedding memories. Wedding Snap is a new photo sharing website for weddings that has a nifty free smart phone app that make collecting guests' photos 100 times easier.

Keep reading to learn how Wedding Snap makes the wedding photo sharing magic work… but you might want to read fast to be able to be one of the first to grab their fleeting discount code!

How photo sharing with Wedding Snap works

  1. Choose your Wedding Snap package (starting at $99) and create an album code.
  2. Tell your guests to download the free app to their iPhone or Android and enter your album code. (You could use this idea.)
  3. All photos your guests take with the app will then be directly uploaded to your online album!

How Wedding Snap is way better than disposable cameras

Wedding Snap is the perfect "no wedding photographer" hack that will cost you as little as $99. But, if you have a little more dough to spend, you can take advantage of some pretty rad extra features:

  • Real-time photo sharing
  • Unlimited photo storage for 1 year
  • You can create separate albums for your engagement party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, and any other occasions to easily collect all their memories in one place.
  • Wedding Snap offers a live slideshow option so you can show off the pics during the wedding. (I know what you're thinking right now, but Wedding Snap even offers to monitor the pics in real-time by to make sure all your friend-uploaded photos are appropriate!)
  • To make sharing your photo sharing info easier, Wedding Snap offers 250 personalized information cards for your guests. (Pop 'em in your wedding invitations and watch the pics pour in!)

Even grandma can participate

Wedding Snap works on any iPhone or Android in any place (yes, even internationally). And if your guests don't have smart phones they can still upload their digital camera photos directly to your album after the wedding. It seriously couldn't be easier to get all your wedding memories preserved in one place.

Special discount

Offbeat Discount: The first 20 people to redeem the promo code Offbeat20 will get $20 off when you purchase your Wedding Snap package.

I told you to read fast! Now make sure to click fast over to Wedding Snap to get the special discount!

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