15 wedding plugs and tunnels for stretched ears

By on Aug. 8th

If you've got stretched ears, you know what we'll say… rock it for the wedding! There may be cases where you'll want a fleshtone hider, but that would make us sadface when plugs like these exist. If you've decided to embrace your lobes, I've compiled a little collection of my favorites, like these huge (but lightweight) hemp earrings shown above. Check out what else we've got in store.

Add a little tradition to your non-traditional lobes with these 'I Do' plugs.

These tattoo-style plugs say 'Locked in Love.' So cute and a little bad-ass all at the same time.

I love these gothic roses. Plus, you get a little key symbolism in the dangle.

Monster movie-chic with these Frankenstein plugs. Halloween weddings are a'coming!

These Sawo wood hooks have a lovely color, perfect for an outdoorsy/burner/hippie wedding.

You can't go wrong with these plugs for a rainbow (or same-sex!) wedding.

More things need to glow in the dark, in my opinion. Including ear plugs like these!

These plugs are made of Tiger's Eye. They also come in Turquoise, Jade, and Opalite.

Perhaps you're looking for a look that will mesh with a white dress and a little bling? These might fit the bill.

Geeks wear plugs too! In this case, super awesome Star Wars wooden ones.

These white owl hooks would be pretty incognito and lovely.

For a Dia de los Muertos wedding or if you're just into skulls, check these out.

Are you planning on changing your gauged style for the wedding or going with your usual style?