Papier mache centerpieces, fairy wings, and some awesome cake cuttings

By on Aug. 13th

Photo by Steve Zumbro

Tribesmaid Remi crafted these epic papier mache chess pieces with her groom the summer before they got engaged. She says, "We're not even that into chess, but after spending 100+ man-hours making them, they seemed like the perfect centerpieces." I imagine anything with that much love and elbow grease is worth making a fuss over. This week's reader submissions also bring us some playground fun, a family cake cutting, a not-so-family cake cutting, and a couple clad in fairy wings and a cape. It's all-around fun this week in the Monday Montage.

I am fully in love with Tribesmaid Anndee's multicolored frills and curls dress, knee high cherry red Doc Martens, and groom to match. Photo by Neil Reeves


A bookish and flavorful display of mismatched cakes from Tiffany and Justin's wedding. Photo by Capturing Grace Photography


Tiffany and Justin's wedding party also knows how to party… kid-style. Photo by Capturing Grace Photography

Family Cake Cutting

Tribesmaid ToChart (of Daily Prophet program fame) shares the cake cutting with the whole family. Photo by Laurie Marie Photography


Tribesmaid RedFeather gives her groom a smirky look during the ceremony. I'm sure he was charmed on the other side. Photo by Tim Allan


Another fun shot from RedFeather is this look at the bridesmaids' fashion: felt bouquets and furry stoles! Photo by Tim Allan

Photo by Kristin Hansen Photography

Wings and capes! You can never go wrong with this combination. Must see MOAR! Photo by Kristin Hansen Photography

Photo by Kristin Hansen Photography

Here's one more peek, this time with mini-wings! Photo by Kristin Hansen Photography

Cutting the cake with a retro lancer.

Megan and Jeremiah cut their cake with a Gears of War retro lancer. Plus, they got married on Megan's grandparents' 50th anniversary! Aww. Photo by Emily McGonigle

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