Personalized wedding garland to fit your own brand of awesome

By on Aug. 7th

OMG I LOVE THIS SIGN! We around the Empire love using textspeak often, and it looks like Lisa and Kevin share our love. They crafted this nifty letter banner themselves.

Here is what Lisa had to say:

I actually saw a garland template thing on Martha Stewart Weddings, of all places, and they provided each letter of the alphabet. I just printed out the letters for "OMG MARRIED" and strung it together with baker's twine.

Why buy something when you can print it up and string it yourself? Steal this idea and customize the wording with your favorite phrasing, be it "Wedded: so say we all," "Wibbly Wobbly Wedding," "Engage: Make it so," or simply "Fuck yes marriage!"

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