A simple Sonoma seaside soiree

The two brides walk themselves into the ceremony.

Jessica and Ina shared a simple and elegant ceremony on the Sonoma coast in Jenner, California. Photographer Megan Clouse captured the seaside ceremony moments and reception at a private home where the pair's friends and family all helped to cook, grill, and bake the food (including a salmon feast!).

While some guests were cooking, others were getting polka dancing lessons! Hell yeah. The flowers and music were also handled by family and friends, and even the officiant was a friend.

The Timber Cove Inn was the ceremony venue and purveyor of the awesome views.

You can't go wrong with nature as your simple and lovely backdrop.

Seattle-based poet Elaina Ellis officiated the ceremony.

Awesomely organic bouquet.

For the rest of the gorgeous photos, check out Megan Clouse's blog about the event.

  1. How beautiful. I love their attire! The bouquet is also amazing!

    3 agree
  2. A beautiful and loving wedding – what an amazing place to get married! Congratulations :)

    1 agrees
  3. This is gorgeous, so many fantastic details. I love the twisty vine branch thing (a technical term, surely) in the bouquet so much, and the place-cards, and the photos which are so elegant! My favorite feature, though, is how absolutely perfect the bride's teal bouquet "sleeve" (again, technical term) matches the bride's long-sleeve teal shirt EXACTLY!

    2 agree
    • I was wondering about that! Does floral tape come in teal, or is it ribbon? (I've been trying to find sources for floral tape in colors other than green or white.)

      • My guess is ribbon. I've only ever seen green or white floral tape. I'd use the tape to secure your bouquet, and then cover it up with whatever color ribbon you like.

        1 agrees
  4. Beautiful!I love the shot of the goat cheese!! So cool! I live in Sonoma County and have stayed at the Timber Cove Inn. Its a real treat! Very romantic and overun with curious raccoons!

  5. OMG Where did they get those sandals? I want them!

    2 agree
  6. The photo of you two with your eyes closed and noses touching just screams LOVE! What a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous couple.

    2 agree
  7. I love love love the tan vest suit with the teal shirt.

    2 agree
  8. Oh my goodness. The beauty of the landscape is rivalled only by the couple themselves!

    1 agrees
  9. What a beautiful ceremony, the color choice is gorgeous!

    1 agrees
  10. GORGEOUS dress and bouquet! I love that teal color that's worked in throughout.

  11. Please! I need to know where you got those amazing shoes!!!

  12. where did you get the wedding dress?! it's beautiful!

  13. I have absolutely been in love with the teal shirt and pants suit. I hope these two won't mind but I am so going to use these colors for my own wedding in a few months

    1 agrees

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