Make your guests homemade fruity and boozy centerpieces

By on Aug. 29th
a shot in a slice.

Photos by Jenny Heath

Kyle and Drew had a decidedly boozy take on centerpieces by preserving fruit in different kinds of liquor. The result was a sweet and strong centerpiece ripe for eating and taking home. Here's how they did it:

Two months prior to the ceremony, we bought a variety of fruit at the local farmers' market and a bunch of booze (whiskey, gin, vodka, and rum) and made about 20-25 mason jars of alcohol-preserved fruit. We stuck bamboo skewers on the top of the jars we placed in the middle of the tables, and let guests pick at it as they pleased, and take home whatever jars they liked.

Boozy fruit: help yourself!

I also had to snag what they wrote as the Flickr caption on this one — hilarious. Boozy fruit: it gets right to ya.

Two+ months of preservation techniques made 20 pints of various fruit and booze and spice and sugar and … yeah. Tasty take home centerpieces that are both fabulous and functional, and will fu…feel good after eating.

If this doesn't make you want to read more about Kyle and Drew, I don't know what will.