Scratch Weddings is like cake tasting, but for your wedding DJ!

By on Jul. 10th

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Choosing a DJ was one of the hardest things I had to do for my wedding. My one requirement was that they "weren't cheesy." Sadly, "cheesy" is such a subjective term, and I wound up with a DJ who was, indeed, of the cheese class. That's where our sponsor Scratch Weddings would have saved me some embarrassment.

Since its founding in 2002, Scratch has built the largest national team of DJs who entertain guests at thousands of weddings, events, tours, and even music festivals each year. Love reggae music? Punk? Indie? A blend of bluegrass and pop? Whatever your particular musical preference, Scratch Weddings will match you with the perfect wedding DJ.

Scratch is not only super convenient for our fabulous offbeat couples (crazy music tastes represent!), but the way they've set up their biz to weed out the cheese is pretty fantastic. Scratch puts all of its DJs through a 10-step screening process to ensure that everyone they recommend is highly skilled, highly professional, and loves to spin weddings.

Then Scratch provides you with a choice of DJs who are matched to you through several different criteria including personal taste, style, and musical interest. Then you get to ultimately choose which one you feel is right for you — awesome DJ cake tasting!

No matter which Scratch DJ you chose, it helps to know that every single one is an expert at song selection, mixing and blending, reading the crowd, building energy on the dance floor and, ultimately, entertaining your guests of all ages and cultures. Which is what an offbeat wedding party is all about!

Find your cheese-less musical match in "practically any location in the United States" on the easy at Scratch Weddings right now.

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