A Sonic Screwdriver bouquet, a cave wedding, and one familiar couple

By on Jul. 2nd

We've seen Tribesmaids Kiona and Jennifer before in this sneaky peeky of their engagement photos. So when I saw this wedding photo show up on the Tribe, I snagged it right up! There was even a photo from a cave wedding. We haven't had one of those in ages! Sometimes the Tribe, the Offbeat Flickr Pool, and Pinterest just give us a little more awesomeness than usual. This is one of those weeks.

Wedding @ SOAK*

Tribesmaid Psyche and her groom look pretty damned amazing at the Portland regional Burning Man event. I also love the (probably unintentional) facepalm from the little miss on the right. Photo by Dennis Funk

Signing the Register

Tribesmaid Joni and her groom's spirits aren't dampened, even when it rains inside the Dan-yr-ogof Cathedral Cave. Who cares when it looks like this? Photo by a friend of the couple

Tribesmaid Risinginluv and her groom Cory tie the knot at Seattle's Golden Gardens Park. Photo by a friend of the couple.

Tribesmaid and contributor Snarkbat shared her awesome Sonic Screwdriver with Sherlock Holmes book page flowers. The flowers were made by Bookworm Eats Flower. Photo by Stephanie Jones Photography

hair (photo by nicola pravato)

Tribesmaid Cornie did her own hair and used these handmade accessories, including some jade and beads from China. Super lovely! Photo by Nicola Pravato


Sometimes you need an epic session of de-stressing. Photo by Matthew Ryan Photography


Tribesmaid Stealmystapler's flower dog Gidget takes center stage in this shot wearing her special collar from Etsy seller PecanPiePuppies. Photo by Elizabeth Giglio Photography

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Hey, photographers! I love you and do my best to attribute all Monday Montage photos, but sometimes brides don't include your info when they submit photos. If I've featured your work but it isn't properly credited, email me!