A sock posse, a Mad Libs RSVP, and a couple of mohawks

By on Jul. 16th

Striped Sock Crew

Darcy and Charles have a stripey sock gathering mid-wedding. Photo by madlove photography

This Monday brings us a slew of reader submissions including these dancing machines, a stripey sock brigade, a couple of mohawks, and a movie poster invitation. It may be Monday, but at least we have each other and these awesome photos. Check out what Pinterest, The Tribe, and the Offbeat Flickr Pool have gifted us this week.


Someone got a little romantic with their Mad Libs-style RSVP. Photo by A Hazard


GAH this D&D feather bouquet from Petrat13 rocks!

Desert Table

Check out Flickr user Megan's vintage-style dessert table. Adorable. Photo by Sheila Teruty

Papa G at the Grill

This photo totally makes me LOL. Bella and Rocco's Papa G knows how to chill and grill while cooking for their wedding. Photo by Antonia Levy of Avette Photography

Tribesmaid Ayla and her mohawked groom take to the dance floor.

Veronica and Daniel created this vintage-style movie poster from their shared talents as an illustrator and an indie director, respectively.

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