Acrobats, martial artists, skateboarders, and cosplay nerds: Wild About You wants to photograph YOU!

By on Jul. 13th

YAY! Lily and Chris took our awesome picture!

Wild About You Photography is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

I love a photography team with a love story like our sponsor Wild About You Photography. Lily and Chris found each other through their mutual passion for punk rock and photography. Chris even moved 2000 miles to San Francisco so that they could go to shows, travel the world, and make beautiful photos and videos together.

They're currently planning their own offbeat wedding, so they totally understand the imagination, thought, and personality that's going into your nontraditional wedding. Which is why they came to Offbeat Bride to not only offer y'all a special discount but to also aid in their search for some very specific offbeat weddings that'll get some lucky couples a bonus special offer.

Whether they're in backyards or ballrooms, we are just as excited about our clients' special day as they are. We're comfortable shooting portraits as well as live, impetuous rock 'n' roll, which means we can be shooting a poised group portrait and not miss the ring-bearing dog when he zips through the scene with a wayward cupcake in his mouth.
-Wild About You Photography

Wild About You Photography is SO comfortable with many styles of photography that y'all can request a specific photography look that matches your personal aesthetic — be it dreamy bohemian, vibrant mod, or gritty urban. They primarily shoot digital images, but love utilizing their arsenal of film cameras (including toy and Polaroid) to help achieve those special, one-of-a-kind looks. And all of Wild About You Photography's wedding packages include an engagement shoot so ya'll can perfect your come-hither stares for sexy wedding day pics.

Since Lily is a martial artist (with a 3rd-degree black belt in Yongmudo, a Korean self-defense martial art) and Chris is a skater, they have a very special place in their hearts for clients who also love to flip, grind, and roleplay Final Fantasy. This is why they have a special extra bonus discount for like-minded couples, on top of their Offbeat Bride discount for all:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Wild About You is offering…

  • 10% off any wedding packages when booked through this Offbeat Bride referral.
  • In addition, couples who incorporate acrobatics, martial arts, skateboarding, or cosplay (costumed roleplay) into their engagement shoot get a free engagement photo book OR five 8×10 archival prints!
  • Just mention Offbeat Bride when you contact 'em.

Lily and Chris are also seasoned travelers who think there's nothing like a little jetlag to spice up perspective and composition, so destination weddings are definitely on the menu. All the more reason to hurry up and snap this talented punk rock duo to shoot your wedding day no matter where you are — kick flip it into high gear and book Wild About You!

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