Alternative garters for sexy, geeky, and bad-ass legs

By on Jul. 26th

Beth wore both a Joker garter AND a Wonder Woman garter to honor her and her groom's geekdom loves. I loved this so much that I had to seek and find some other offbeat garters for the extra special offbeat leg to don. I found goth garters, Doctor Who garters, Harry Potter garters, and even a zombie garter. If you decide to wear one and toss it, that will be one lucky recipient.

I love this sexy garter with a mini flask. It's described as having a 'roaring '20s' vibe. I can see it.

For a goth wedding, you can't go wrong with a little skull action.

Here's another with a skull 'charm.' It almost looks a little Nightmare Before Christmas to me.

A totally understated pirate garter… is that not awesome?

'I love you like zombies love brains.' D'aww. Romance and brain-eating.

This garter is larger on the inside.

I'm pretty sure Hermione wore this to the Yule Ball, only in Gryffindor colors.

You might remember this tutorial for making your own Hello Kitty garter.

Are you planning to wear a garter under your outfit? If so, what's the plan?