Will you be my Player Two?: How one Offbeat Bride proposed to her "mancreature"

Guestpost by kaharaminttu on Jul. 26th

We love us a good girl-proposes-to-guy story. Hell, Offbeat Bride wouldn't be here if it weren't for one of those stories. Tribesmaid Kaharaminttu has one of those stories, including a delightfully adorkable Mario-themed ring box that is going viral.

I've been planning on proposing since September last year, and once I'd purchased my rings in May, I knew I really had to go ahead and do it!

I proposed on July 22, a Sunday. It was my mancreature's birthday on the 24th, but I had to work, so we decided to celebrate his birthday on the Sunday before instead. I made a big deal out of having his birthday present ready, etc. We woke up on Sunday morning and I made him breakfast in bed, and we ate our fruit salad together in bed, and drank coffee.

How I managed to eat anything at all is beyond me! I'd been managing to keep myself pretty calm up until that morning! As I was making his breakfast, I was frantically telling my internet friends (who were in on it) that I was too chicken, and I wanted to call it off. They gave me a kick in the pants, and after our breakfast I told him I had to go and get his birthday present.

So! I walk in with the box, which was concealed in a tiny paper bag, and he looks at the bag and goes "Well, it's not very BIG, is it?" I gaped at him, and then told me he was a size queen (sheesh!!!).

The box was unveiled and I made him admire my hard work before he opened it…

When he opened it I could only manage to squeak out "Wanna get married?" and he looked at the box and then at me with a confused and surprised expression. Luckily, he responded "Yes!"… and then followed it up with a pout and "But I want to be player one!!"

We had discussed in the past how he felt about me proposing, and he had told me he thought it was silly that society expects only the male to propose. When he said that, I knew I was going to propose, even though I had always daydreamed about being proposed to. I'm so glad I was the one that popped the question!

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