Cake potluck: ask family members to bake their signature sweets

By on Jun. 26th

In the comments to our post, "Let Them Eat Cinnamon Buns," Offbeat Bride Annaliese shared her wedding's alternative cake scenario: she asked family members to bake their signature sweets! The idea was so intriguing that I asked her to tell us more — and it turns out this is a great cake-alternative for those dealing with special needs eaters!

I have a genetic disorder called "PKU," (phenylketonuria) that forces me to be on a very low protein diet. Some of my guests have PKU as well, and we also had vegetarians, vegans, and people following a gluten-free diet in attendance.

We didn't ditch the cake all together but instead of shelling out $6/slice for a single cake that I'd have never been happy with (and that several guests couldn't eat), we asked family members to bake different cakes for us.

It was AWESOME. Each granny made their specialty, the dads both baked something, my mom, my sister-in-law, and a few aunts all pitched in and we ended up with a delicious and sentimental display of pretty much every cake we've ever loved. One cake was gluten free, another was vegan, and another was gluten free, vegan, AND low protein. A cake potluck was a great way to cater to all these needs!

Such a great idea! If you want to know more, you can head on over to see all the pictures from Annaliese's Rain-drenched Nerdtastic Texas Wedding.