Screw "timeless" weddings, I WANT my wedding to look dated

Guestpost by Saffron on Jun. 13th

Ariel's written about trendy wedding fashion and "dated" looks before (it's a good post: you should read it!), but we loved Tribesmaid Saffron's take on the issue.

I am sick of the words "timeless" and "classic."

I am and never have been either of those things. However, when it comes to weddings, those words seem to be everywhere! When gown hunting, when looking at themes, discussing hair and makeup looks…

I'm pretty sure it's going to be obvious I got married in 2013, and I'm fine with that, because… I will have gotten married in 2013!

Even wearing my hair in a classic style with timeless makeup, there are going to be other clues. And when I look at photos of my parents' wedding, or grandparents' or anyone's, I love that you can say "oh, how 1940s!" or giggle at dad's ridiculous facial hair. Part of the appeal of these photos are that they are a snapshot of time, a moment of history caught.

Why would I even try and attempt to circumvent that?

So I am going to be wearing my hair this colour — I know it's not my natural colour, but it is my colour at this time. And I will wear my hair and makeup in a look that I love right now that will, yes, look dated in several years. And if I love something and it's "trendy," I am still damn well going to have it!

And hopefully my grandchildren will look at the pictures and giggle at how dated and early twenty-first century it all looks.

It will be fine, because it's not timeless. It's a moment of time.

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