How I made my Rockabilly scrapbook our guest book alternative

Guestpost by Deborah Shiffrar on Jun. 21st

I didn't want a guestbook where guests just signed their names — I knew we'd just look at it once and then shove it in a drawer. So I decided to make a guest scrapbook instead! Here's how you can make one…

What you'll need:

  • scrapbook or photo album
  • patterned and colored crafting paper
  • scissors and paper cutter
  • computer & printer
  • fun stickers
  • glue sticks (lots and lots of glue sticks!)

Step 1:
Decide what you want your guests to write about in your scrapbook. My fiance and I went with some basics such as "How do you know the Bride and Groom?" and "Your special wishes for us." Don't forget to include a place for the guests to sign their names.

You can hand-write these bits of information onto the pages, or you can print them out and make copies at your local copy shop (which is what I did).

Step 2:
Find some stickers or free images online that accent your wedding theme. I made sure to have a couple different images to mix and match to make each page look a little different.

Step 3:
Design a space for photos to be inserted later. Guests can take pictures during the reception and after they've been printed you can include pictures of your guests with their scrapbook entry. Our photo placeholder said "Take a picture! We'll put it here" and will also serve as a sort of frame once the photos have been put in.

Step 4:
Decide on a layout. Arrange the entry pieces, photo placeholder, and decorative images on the page wherever you like. Don't want all of your pages to look the same? Be a rebel, ignore this step!

I cut out all of the page components and organized them in envelopes to make assembling easier.

Step 5:
Get scrapbooking! Get all of your wedding party minions — or in my case my mom, and glue all the pieces together.

IMG_6018 Be sure to have a good brand of glue stick!

Step 6:
Add a little flare! Because I set up each guest entry to be two side-by-side pages, I had a blank spot at the beginning and end of the album. I filled this with pictures of my fiance and me, and some more funky stickers. Also, the scrapbook I was using had a window on the front for a picture, so I found a free image online that I liked and slid it in.


Voila! Your very own guestbook that will actually help you remember your big day!

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