Fun and funky pool decor for your backyard wedding

By on Jun. 14th
Officially Mr and Mrs

Pi and Lynton got married poolside in the Canary Islands. Photo by James Mitchell

So we are getting married next to a swimming pool, on a patio that we won't be able to decorate much. The thought just occurred to me that we could have something float in the pool for decoration but I can't think of what.

Any suggestions?


Love this question! I was at a backyard wedding recently where there was a big 'ol empty pool that I couldn't help but think "this big blue watery thing is just BEGGING for something fun." Of course, you don't HAVE to decorate your pool — water is always pretty as it is. But, if you feel like dressing up your big blue watery thing for your wedding, here are some ideas.


How cool is this idea to use hula hoops to contain your pool flowers!? Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Floating candles

Source: via Pinwheels & on Pinterest

Combine flowers and lighting

I love these lilly pond lights.

Floating pomanders


Stick colorful carnations into styrofoam balls and float them in your pool. Source: via Amy on Pinterest



You could always fill the pool with colorful ballons, or you can make 'em glow by sticking glow sticks inside! Source: Dani on Pinterest

Floating fountain

This three-tier Grecian swimming pool fountain would be enough as is. And think about how much fun it'd be to swim with!

Underwater lightshow

For just $30 the Underwater Light Starship features a rotating device adding unique underwater lighting effects.

Above-water lights

These jellyfish lights are the coolest things EVAR. And they're just $29 on Amazon!

Giant silly rafts

Wild Onion Ranch Wedding Photos Austin

Go BIG with your pool decor with these giant swan rafts. (Photo by Cory Ryan.)


Make awesome floating words or a wedding logo out of styrofoam, like this from a typographic nerd wedding. Source: via Stefan on Pinterest

Decorate just the perimeter

Okay kids, what am I missing here? What are your go-to pool decorations?

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