A DIYed pocket-tastic wedding invitation

By on Jun. 12th

Wanna know what's behind this awesome vellum wedding invitation envelope? Yes, I said "vellum envelope." How else was Staceyjo going to show off the patterned inner envelope as much as possible? And it's awesome, because the inner envelope is SO freaking cool. And I know this first hand, because Stacey was nice enough to send me one to check out in person.

The inner envelope is fabric that was sewn into pouches. Let me tell you, even though I knew it was coming, I was still so surprised and tickled by the pouch. I'm definitely saving it and re-using it for something.

Sliding the invite out of the pocket brings this gorgeous invitation with a Rob Ryan quote that made me all warm and fuzzy.

I opened up the invite and was greeted by one of the most neatly organized wedding invitations I've ever seen. The cards on the right were bound with a paper band and the invitation itself was printed on heavier cardstock, and attached with double stick tape to give it a little dimension.

Stacey explains the rest:

Here are all of the pieces so you can see what info I included. The little teal square is a sticker that I made for people to put on their calendars. It was just printed and cut out then run through a sticker machine and cut out again. It is attached with a glue dot. This is probably the one thing I have gotten the most comments about.

I was really excited about the QR code that is revealed when the info cards are taken out of the photo corner holders. It takes guests to a mobile version of our website where they can RSVP, request songs, find links for accommodations, and more.

I'm still in shock that these were DIYd invites — the quality is amazing. I'm glad I could share them with you like Stacey shared it with me. Now, anyone have any ideas on how I can re-use that AWESOME fabric pouch?

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