Storm Troopers, puppy kisses, and one canoe processional

By on Jun. 18th

Photo by Jenny Jenkins

Tribesmaid Stina posted this photo of her mom grooving to the music. Stina said, " She helped make my wedding day the most amazing experience I've ever had." It looked like mom had a pretty good time too. The Tribe, the Offbeat Flickr Pool, and Pinterest also gave us some Storm Troopers, puppy kisses, canoe processionals, and amazing groom's hair. Check it all out and put a smile on your case of The Mondays.


Tribesmaid Deyannalambert's wedding party had a full complement of the Empire, plus Boba Fett! Photo by Rachel Kriegshauser


But it wasn't all Star Wars! They were also being stalked by a couple of zombies. Photo by Rachel Kriegshauser


Forever timestamping the day with Tribesmaid Stkhlmvegan (Stacey) and her groom Daniel. Photo by Hilda Grahnat

I am loving the mixed-flower bouquet and what I hear is an LED boutonniere. Must see MOAR! Photo by Crystal Marie Photography


Toby the dog: 'You don't get to kiss the bride until I do.' Tribesmaid Elletrees gets a smooch from her pooch. Photo by Patricia Stahl

A new take on American Gothic… only much more adorable and beard-y. Photo by First Comes Love Photography

You can't trust cake cuttings not to go all West Side Story Rumble. Photo by Scott Zuehlke

I heart this groom's canoe processional to the Star Wars theme. He looks chuffed! Video still by Nostalgia Film

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