Plan your pre-sunset toasts with the Golden Hour Calculator

By on Jun. 20th
Sunset Toast (cropped)

This golden hour photo was taken at exactly 8:01pm on August 7, 2004 at Latitude/Longitude of 47.648092,-122.558533

When I was planning my wedding day schedule, I knew one thing: I wanted toasts to be happening on the front lawn of the B&B during the "Golden Hour," that brief window of time before sunset when everything is glazed in that rich, warm, yellow light.

I spent a bunch of time online, looking at sunset times, trying to figure out how to schedule the transition from dinner to toasts so that I could nail the timing just right… if only the Golden Hour Calculator had existed then!

Using the tool (which is both a free web app and an iPhone app) you can very precisely calculate the timing of the Golden Hour for your exact location and specific date.

The developer, Roger Moffatt, takes his Golden Hour seriously, explaining:

I have chosen to define the Golden Hour as that period when the sun lies between the horizon and 6 degrees above. This definition of the Golden Hour more accurately accounts for the speed of the transition from day to night around the world at different times of year.

So, if you're trying to schedule your wedding day around that gorgeous Golden Hour light, head on over.

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