Grab a few friends and make your own wedding documentary with WeddingMix by Storymix Media

By on Jun. 5th

Remember the $100 wedding videography hack from our sponsor Storymix Media? They just made their videography hack even easier.

WeddingMix is the fun and affordable wedding video alternative — perfect for all you DIY and budget types. If you don't want to go the videographer route (no bright lights with a stranger attached to a big ol' camera in your face) WeddingMix is all about having your friends and family document the day.

Or, as Offbeat Bride reader Vanessa put it…

We're actually really glad we found out about WeddingMix on Offbeat Bride when we did. We hadn't seriously considered a videographer during the planning because it was just too pricey… My husband and I were cracking up at the funny moments we missed when our family and friends were walking around with the cameras. It turned out to be another great way to remember our wedding day.

[See Vanessa and Endre's WeddingMix video here]

Indeed, WeddingMix has made wedding videography redonkulously easy…

WeddingMix is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

This wedding video alternative is so easy that anyone with an iPhone can help out. WeddingMix's brand new iPhone app allows you and your guests to capture the entire wedding story from beginning to end. You already have your phone while you're trying on dresses, at the bachelorette party, and on your honeymoon. All it takes is remembering to grab a video here and there and — holy crap — you have a wedding documentary. Plus everyone can participate by including videos into your documentary project like so:

  • Your guests show up to your kick-ass wedding and start taking videos with the iPhone app.
  • They send their clips to Storymix Media and your Facebook wall.
  • Then, once you get all the clips, you'll be able to choose which ones to include in your final professionally edited video by Storymix Media!

And the app-only package is $99. You could totally get one awesome/silly/touching and completely YOU wedding video for less than you thought!

Oh, and they offer a money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose when you document your own offbeat wedding with WeddingMix!

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