A lakeside wedding with ribbon wands and spontaneous singing

By on Jun. 13th

Looking at these photos from iluvphoto gives me goose-bumpy happy chills. Hailing from my hometown of Chicago, Briavael and Nikki had an outdoor ceremony in Berger Park, right next to a very hazy Lake Michigan, and then hopped on the El to their reception at Portfolio Annex.

But the best part that I can see is that everyone (guests included) all broke into song during the ceremony. They sang "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, which is totally a song a group can sing with vigor. Briavael said, "We put the lyrics in our program and had kazoos for the bridal party. We started it after we did our vows, then led everyone out as we sang and danced down the aisle!" Sometimes you CAN'T STOP THE JOY!

So much excitement!

White sky, white water. What an effect!

Flower circle of love!

Ribbon wands are great for major photo fun.

Briavael said, 'We wanted to have a singalong because music is a big part of our courtship and relationship, and my family (especially) LOVES to sing.

Converting the flower circle into relaxation circle.

Check out more photos of this sweet outdoor songfest in Chicago over at iluvphoto's blog.