Fun and easy DIY tissue paper flowers

Guestpost by Violet on May. 3rd

If your bridal shower went down ANYTHING like mine, you were left with PILES of tissue paper that (three years later) I'm still re-using. Offbeat Bride reader Violet has a great idea on how you can use all that colorful tissue paper as festive wedding decor. Here she is with your tissue paper flower tutorial using just three things. -Megan

What you'll need:

Step 1: Getting the right sized squares

I use full sheets of tissue paper that measure 20"X20".

What you want to do is fold the sheet vertically and cut along the crease.

Then fold in half horizontally, so that you have four separate square sheets of tissue paper.

Gather the sheets together and fold vertically and cut along the crease. Then fold horizontally and cut along the crease (repetitive I know).

You should come out with 16 square sheets. Don't worry if they are not all uniform in size — we will fix that later on.

Step 2: Folding time!

Take four of the small square sheets and fold them accordion style.

Step 3: Securing your fold together.

I use craft or embrodery string to hold together the sheets.

I use string that's going to be the same color of the center of the flower so you can't really see it.

Then fold the paper in half keeping the sting in the middle.

Step 4: Tackle the problem of all the sheets not being quite the same size.

All you do is take the folded paper and cut the ends to make them even. Then use your sissors to make a petal type shape. Be creative and play with different petals shapes.

This one I cut to look more like a normal flower petal.

This one I made more pointy.

Step 5: Lets make a flower!

First you want to spread out your accordion folds into almost a circle. No matter how many videos you look up on YouTube where they tell you that it will stretch all the way into a circle is just wrong in my opinion. I mean really, I guess it all depends on the size of your folds, but I have small fingers and could never get my folds small enough so that when I stretched it out it made a circle.

At this point go ahead and take the knot of the string and put it on the back side of your flower so it stays out of the way.

Now you can start to separate your folds. Do this one layer at a time. Don't pull too hard or you'll rip the paper and it'll look kinda bad.

Layer one.

Layer two.

Layers three and four.

AND you're done! It's not that hard really, but a lot of the videos I looked up were hard to follow or the flowers just came out wonky.

Here are a few other flowers I've done including some small ones that can be made by just folding the squares two more times and making slightly smaller squares:

On a side note I did the math on how many flowers you can get out of one package of tissue paper:

  • One sheet makes 16 squares and at 30 sheets a pack you get 480 small squares.
  • You use four sheets to make one flower which means you get 120 flowers out of one package of tissue paper!
  • I bought two different multicolored sets of tissue paper so I should be able to make 240 flowers.

When you make the cost of the materials ($1 per pack of tissue paper, and I think I spent about a $1.50 on the embroidery string) I paid about two cents per flower! That's insane AND cheap AND easy!

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