Deadly gorgeous wedding invitations with a punk rock edge from Blue Tulip Design

By on May. 25th

Martha is the Offbeat Sponsor with the creative mind that dreams up all the beautiful and punk-y invitations from Blue Tulip Designs. And she just loves to make unique invitations for Offbeat Brides…

I love that my job, on any given day, allows me to make invites with circus elephants or skulls on them, and then turn around and play with colorful flowers or fancy be-ribboned and crystal-ed invites. It's so nice to be able to offer people something special, something "them" that they can't find in a generic bridal store book. -Martha

If you want to see the "something special" she's talking about, keep scrolling, because these invites are to DIE for (seriously, Blue Tulip makes dark gothy dead things look remarkably wedding-y!)…

You know what's cooler than these vintage rock poster wedding invitations? The matching Thank You cards that say YOU ROCK!

But wait: I promised you wedding-y dead things, and I'm about to deliver…

How beautiful are these Skeleton Hands Save the Date?

As you can tell by now, Blue Tulip Designs have an aesthetic that's sweet but with a touch of punk, like Martha herself. Or as Martha put it:

Let's face it, not every bride loves lace and pearls! But I believe there's a way you can still have an elegant feel in your wedding without disowning your punk side.

If you're a kick-ass bride who's looking for gorgeous invitations with a touch of WHOA!, you'll click here to find your perfect invitations.