La Plume Ethere wants to make your feathery wedding accessories (and find a cure for cancer)

By on May. 29th

Holy feather, fluffy, gorgeousness! That's the first thing I said when I delved into the fantastic world of wedding accessories from our sponsor La Plume Ethere. La Plume Ethere creates vintage-inspired feather bouquets, fascinators, boutonnieres, and so much more, all while putting a portion of the proceeds toward finding a cure for cancer.

But before we go into that, let's take a look at all the ways you can drape yourself from head-to-toe with peacocky, feathery, wedding accessory goodness…


If you're into peacock feathers, La Plume Ethere is a peacock haven. Just look at this fascinator/veil combo loaded with beautiful peacock feathers. If you haven't found a veil yet… I think I just found one for you!


For all of you seeking an alternative to floral bouquets, La Plume Ethere provides creative, fluffy alternatives that can be kept forever! You can choose from ready-to-ship styles, or have one custom made with your colors, special embellishments, and materials.

Groomsman and bridesmaid accessories

You won't be the only one looking fab, all decked out in La Plume Ethere — your bridesmaids and groomsmen can also get all spiffed up and matchy matchy in style with boutonnieres, colorful fascinators, and even clutches.


Finally, this is where you'll find some oh-my-god embellished shoes! La Plume Ethere decks out fantastic shoes with peacocks and lace in ways that'll make you get dizzy with shoe lust.

As if La Plume Ethere accessories weren't fabulous enough on their own, you'll also get the added benefit of feeling good about parting with your money, because 10% of all profits earned are donated to the American Cancer Society.

Yes, gorgeous AND charitable. So who wants to help fight cancer while looking flawless at your wedding? Click over to La Plume Ethere and make it happen.