Use Kanzashi hair ornaments as a gorgeous veil alternative

Guestpost by creepingminx on May. 8th

Creepingminx's amazing kanzashi hair ornament. Photo by Julie Tinton.

I knew very early on in planning that I did not want to wear a veil. I could never picture myself in one and struggled with the idea that I would feel pressure to wear one. I looked at many fascinators but no matter how many different shapes and styles I tried, I couldn't find something that didn't make me feel really self conscious or awkward. It really sucked because they were all so pretty and the options were endless — however, I always ended up feeling like an awkward puppy with a cone on!

I have a casual love for Japan and have been aware of the beautiful hair styles and accompanying paraphernalia that maiko and geisha are so widely known for. I started reading more about the various kanzashi and found myself lusting over the pictures. I knew I wasn't going to pull off anything too flamboyant but I still wanted something that would add a bit of excitement to my bridal look.

Tsumami Kanzashi hair pin/fork featuring vintage kimono silk fabric in a vivid deep purple, by Etsy seller TheaStarr.

Kanzashi are hair ornaments and tsumami kanzashi are hair ornaments made from folded fabric, usually silk. The fabric is cut into 1" squares and folded & pinched into shapes like petals. These petals are then formed into different flowers or "hana" and then attached to a clip or hair prong.

After much research, I found an artist with an Etsy store and started a custom order with her. The process was fun and it only took about 10 days to complete. They really are pieces of art and it's always worth investing in something personal and custom. The tsumami kanzashi I had custom made cost less than most of the veils I had been shown. It helped complete my look in a way nothing else could. It's always worth thinking outside the box and considering things that maybe you weren't aware were options!

And make sure to check out the DIY tutorials on how to make your own kazashi-style flowers and Offbeat Bride's hats and veil alternatives pin board for even more inspiration.

Creepingminx with her fabulous kanzashi hair piece and her new husband on their wedding day. Photo by Julie Tinton.

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