Geeky undies for a sexy wedding night surprise

By on May. 10th

Classic movie monsters on a sexy garter belt. Someone's soul mate would wear this. Etsy seller Voluscious also covers your tiki, skull, and cupcake garter belt needs.

We've already covered wedding night nookie and keeping it special. But perhaps some of you would rather keep it hilarious and surprising? Maybe your partner is a classic movie monster fan and the sexiness above would show just how much you want to please them. I went on a hunt for more geeky, fangirl-y, and just plain fun knicker options for the wedding night (or the next day, depending on how tired you are!).

Oh, and before you scroll any further, make sure the boss is okay with these slightly NSFW photos.

UK Etsy seller BunnyJump has an awesome selection of fangirl panties like these pin-up girls, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who!

Iron Fist's 'Gold Digger' panties (and matching bra!) Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

Wedding night fun: achieved.

Nothing says empowering wedding night like a not-too-skimpy superhero look. But for me, I'd opt for the SUPERMAN set!

If period romance is more your style, Hips and Curves has some killer corsetry in plus sizes.

A funny option for us internet-lovers and tech geeks.

Men's-style boxers have even more options, like these with old skool Avengers and even an homage to the mustache. Some guys really dig their mustache, okay?

You can even DIY your own sexypants undies to say whatever sweet nothings you want.

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