Wedding planning slump: how do you get re-energized?

Guestpost by Ocelot on May. 2nd

This is your brain on bridal slumps. Knitted BRAIN Beanie from Etsy seller Anabananna.

If you know anything about neurology or brain cells, I'm currently mired in a slump I'd compare to the action potential "undershoot" — the point where the membrane can't do what it's supposed to because the ion channels are inactivated. If you're not familiar with that, let's just say I'm so burnt out on "wedding stuff" that all I can do is loaf about on the couch and whine (or wine).

I'm so burnt out. After a whole pile of crazy from family and several friends having weddings this month, I'm getting really sick of talking about wedding stuff. It's kind of lost its novelty. In fact, I've been so burned out on it that it's taken me over three days to compose this post. I could barely get myself to think about how pooped I was… and thinking's pretty much all I do.

It's almost a few months before my wedding date and I have a ton of stuff left to do. This is a pretty vital time in planning. Lots of stuff needs to happen NOW, including my most important personal detail, choosing my wedding dress. The dress is so important to me that I've been squirreling away floor-pennies to pay for a fantastic seamstress. And, I just don't have the energy to even LOOK at the swatches or designs she's sent me. Every time I try, I get the urge to take a nap instead. I am so inactivated that I can't find any fun in it anymore. And that worries me!

What's a gal to do in this situation? How can I perk up enough to get tasks done? Here's what I've been trying:

  • Spending time with my Mister. Trying to remind myself what this is really about!
  • Dancing my ass off at a hail storm of weddings I'm attending this month. See, weddings ARE fun!
  • Setting up a NO DRAMA zone. I have little patience right now and I'll listen to your concerns tomorrow (or never).
  • Delegating. Even though it's really hard for me to give up control and trust that people do well, there's only so much I can fit in my brain. This is a thing I really need to work on anyway!
  • Napping. Don't know how it's helping, but it's sure not hurting.
  • Doing a little thing every day, no matter how little — reading a few Tribe posts, making a list of shit to remember, making one phone call. It's not exactly POWERING through it, like I would like, but it's progress and that feels good.
  • FEEL GOOD about progress, no matter how little. (It needed a bullet of its own!)

It's not ground breaking innovation in bridal motivation. It's just what I've found myself doing to keep from totally giving up or getting overwhelmed. I suppose these are good things to do even if you're NOT feeling burned out. They are pretty easy.

Any new suggestions on ideas to help me out of the wedding planning dumps? I can always use more tricks up my sleeve!

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