Pink boots, mustache flasks, and one killer comic save-the-date

By on May. 21st

Tribe member Deloreangrrl's groom and his friend made this save-the-date comic strip from an old Batman comic for their Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding. And these were emailed to save on postage and to be kind to the earth. This, among many other excellent photos of boots, kilts, flasks, dresses, awesome ink, and a circus tent piñata, came from our reader submissions. I love it when the Tribe, the Offbeat Flickr Pool, and the Offbeat Bride Pinterest account come though for us with this kind of eye candy.

DSC_7081 (2)

Angeline and Kirk show off their pink Docs and ghillie brogues, respectively. Photo by Shelley Povey


Chae ordered these super cute custom flasks for her bridesmaids.

reception dress

Chae also shared a preview of her Betsey Johnson Ramblin' Rose reception dress. I am enraptured.

Brittany and her groom show off their ink including her Dr. Seuss tat! Photo by Rob O'Neal

Our card box

Starr and Tim's circus tent-inspired piñata is their card box — so adorable. Photo by Carly Stevens

Flower petal rain!

Rachel and her groom get a flower petal shower after their ceremony. I am loving the petal cones.

Tutorial for flippin' gorgeous coffee filter roses that's going crazygonuts on Pinterest. Source: via Allison on Pinterest

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