Tiki madness, a soda jerk officiant, and a Vegas drive-thru wedding

By on Apr. 16th
Sarah & Williams hot-as-hell wedding

Sarah and William are full-on rock.

Sarah and William are feeling what I'm feeling with the mix we have this week in our submissions for the Monday Montage! There is a drive-thru wedding (which was one of TEN weddings the couple had around the world), a tiki wedding, a little DIY, and some steampunk and geeky goodness.

Check out what the Flickr Pool and Pinterest brought to our attention this week. And don't forget that you can always submit to the Flickr Pool or @reply us on Pinterest to get your wedding details in front of Offbeat Bride readers.

Claudia & Eddie's wedding

Claudia rocks red lips, red flowers, and a red phone booth.

Paige's good friend, officiant, and un-jerky soda jerk.

Danelle & Jason's Tiki wedding cake!

Danelle and Jason's tiki wedding cake, which I can't even believe IS a cake!

Danelle & Jason's Tiki Wedding

The tiki duo themselves!

Lisa & Alex's drive-thru Vegas wedding!

Lisa and Alex had a drive-thru Vegas wedding — which was actually number 10 of 30 or so weddings that they're having around the world!

Lisa & Alex's drive-thru Vegas wedding!

The drive-thru ceremony itself.

Rob & Stacy's Steampunk wedding

Steampunk-y goodness!

Wedding Balls of Glory

This is the first of three moss wedding balls that reader Kimberfish is making for her Maids O'Honor to carry at her wedding. Moss balls have never looked so good.

Star Trek ties! Just be wary if you're given the red one to wear… Source: fashionablygeek.com on Pinterest

Cupcake wrapper fortune cookies are too cute! Source: cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com on Pinterest

Would you rock a Pokeball bouquet made from duct tape? I sure as hell would. Source: etsy.com on Pinterest

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