Seattle's Sunshine Charlie and the wedding photography social experiment that just might completely change your wedding

By on Apr. 20th

Sunshine Charlie is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

Nicole Firestone is the brilliant eye behind the lens at Sunshine Charlie — a wedding photographer based in not-so-sunshiney Seattle. You've seen her work before on Offbeat Bride — she shot Christine and David's purple-themed wedding. She's also the (crazy/genius) mind behind her "Pay what you think it's worth" photography offer/social experiment.

To learn more about Nicole, her work, and her amazing social experiment that is both delighting brides and shocking photographers everywhere, keep reading…

Sunshine Charlie's style of photography is candid and photojournalistic. Most of the time she's out of sight, catching all those unexpected laughs and funny faces, or you may see her lying on the ground, trespassing, or climbing all over things just to get that perfect shot.

Speaking of going anywhere to get that perfect shot, Nicole is open to travel anywhere in the world — her passport is raring to go! Which means ANYONE can take advantage of this special deal/social experiment…

Nicole launched a special project, what she calls a "year long social pricing experiment in wedding photography" aka Here's how it works:

  • You book your wedding date with a $1000 deposit.
  • Nicole shoots your wedding and you have a great time.
  • Upon delivery of your gorgeous wedding photos, Nicole also returns your ENTIRE $1000 deposit.
  • Then you pay Nicole what you think your photographs are worth.

If you're still scratching your head wondering if this is too good to be true and also, WHY!? Here's what Nicole had to say about it:

I hope to give people an opportunity to have gorgeous images at a price they feel they can afford and for me to see how much value people put on their wedding photography if given the choice to pay what they think is fair.

Since Sunshine Charlie launched their project, Nicole has been booking weddings in places she has always dreamed of going. Will YOUR wedding be part of the Gimme This For project? Go on and pay what you think is fair!

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