Epic hairstyles for the discriminating offbeat groom

By on Apr. 5th

We received a request for some offbeat groom's hair ideas and I thought that sounded easy enough. Surely there's a shit load of inspiration for the dudes, right? But I'm just going to say it: you guys need more resources for cool hair. So I've attempted to find some awesome examples of epic hairstyles for men to fill this void. Although I bet you guys already have secret sources tucked away and are likely to share, right? Hmm?

Here are some I found creeping the internet, a few from Pinterest, and a couple from our archives.

Dave's gorgeous dreads and serene look make my day. Plus: FLOWER! Photo by The Parsons

Feather mohawk! Source: instructables.com

A modernized and messy pompadour? Source: binxbolling.tumblr.com

I love this guy's cool bun with leaf accents! Source: jenniferwhalen.com

Long fishtail braid. Learn how! Source: dealofhair.com

It's liked mixed-media: braids, shading, mohawk! Source: thirstyroots.com

Pete's weaved hair is super intricate! He alternated long and flowy with this braid.

For the wild outdoorsman out on the town. Source: behance.net


Desi's way cool long dreads. Photo by Nick Doll

Cuba's colorful hawk is just one of many epic things in his wedding. Photo by Jaime Mason

What hair will you (or your groom) be rockin' on the day? Share any resources you guys are hiding away for men's hair!