Hot ink: couple tattoos!

By on Apr. 26th

SarahKat and Ryan's wedding 'icon': their ampersand! Photo by Port City Photography

We know that some couples opt for ring tattoos instead of actual rings for lots of reasons, but what about couples who decide to get some complementary ink just to honor the day and their love? Check out these matchy-matchy and coordinated couples' tattoos that show off their love to the world:

Tribe member Leahofleli posted this one to our Flickr Pool!

Our matching tattoos

Kris and Alex got matching <3 tats. I heart geek love! Photos by Terri Poehls


DYING over the brides' shared/connected bridge tattoos! Photo by Mark Stern

Sugar skull tattoos! Photo courtesy of Tattoo Canyon.

Sugar skull tattoos! Photo courtesy of Tattoo Canyon.

Engagement tattoos

Tina and her groom got "50/50" engagement tattoos (a Breaking Bad reference!)

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