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21 beverage dispensers that'll make your hydration station look like art

By on Apr. 17th

21 beverage dispensers that'll make your hydration station look like art
I've noticed in my wedding shooting days that serve-yourself hydration stations were becoming more and more popular. And for good reason — no need to hire staff to re-fill your drinks, your guests can get refreshed at will, great for weddings on hot days, and they also look really pretty! Just look at those beehive beverage dispensers pictured above. When any of these are filled with colored liquid like bright sun teas, fruit filled water, or sangria, they're like refreshing colorful wedding decor.

If you're thinking of setting out some drink dispensers, here are a few options that will not only serve up yummy liquids, but will look good doing it — and match your wedding decor from vintage-style to nerdy or gothic.

Wyndham HouseTM 65oz Globe Beverage DispenserThis globe was the dispenser that kicked off my search for more amazing finds.

Tag Vintage Jar Drink DispenserThis green hand-blown bubble glass dispenser has a vintage charm that makes me want to make this a permanent part of my home decor.

CreativeWare 3-Gallon Beverage DispenserThis Creativewear three gallon beverage dispenser is UNBREAKABLE, bitches! This will last through ALL your raging parties — wedding and beyond.

CreativeWare 3-Gallon Beverage Dispenser texturedThis one is also by Creativewear, but it's got some cool texture detail to it that I really like.

Artland Inc 2 Part 2 Gallon Beverage JarLoving the extra level of storage on this guy. The bottom section can be filled with ice for cooling beverages, or removed for serving ice cubes or fruit garnish. And I love an elevated spigot.

Godinger Chapel Hill 2 gal Glass Beverage DispenserAnd now we're back into fancy pants silver dispenser land with mouth-blown glass and a nickel-plated, tarnish-resistant metal base.

Artland Inc Pedestal Beverage ServerI just LOVE the look of this Artland pedestal-style beverage jar.

Glasslock GL-517 Beverage Dispenser 1-8 GallonsThe Gasslock beverage dispensers come in four different colors, are eco-friendly, look amazing, and are under $30.

Corelle Coordinates Simple Lines Ceramic Beverage DispenserThe Simple Lines ceramic beverage dispenser is sexy and modern, just like you. (Winky face.)

Paris Hammered Glass Beverage DispenserThis one, with its hammered glass and wrought iron-looking stand, would be perfect for a goth wedding.

Stylesetter Double Stacked Glass Beverage Dispenser- Each SectionCheck out the double-stacking action on this guy!

You don't always see beverage dispensers that are square… AND ribbed for her pleasure.

Global Amici-Hexagonal Glass Beverage DispenserIt's no globe, but I'm digging the hexagonal shape and I LOVE the pretty blue color of this 3 1/4 gallon recycled glass jar.

Style Setter Blackboard Beverage Dispenser Set with StandOoh: A set of two large mason jar dispensers with stand — how convenient! And how charming!

Artland Inc Twice As Nice Beverage ServeFor smaller weddings, this dual dispenser only takes up the space of ONE, and has storage underneath.

Beak the Heat Beverage Dispenser
I adore this Thirsty Bird Portable Water Dispenser. Just slide in the trio of slim legs, twist on a bottle, and then push or pull the petite crimson bird that's perched on its nozzle to make the refreshments flow!

Beehive drink dispensers!? Holy crap these are cute.

41GMs129-BLThis one comes with a bonus chalkboard to let your guests know which beverage is which is super-cute style!

Mason Jar Drink Dispenser with Reversible Galvanized Stand and Ice BucketWhere my Mason Jar lovers at? You're gonna flip over these Mason Jar drink dispenser with reversible galvanized stand/ice bucket.

Style setter colorful mason jar dispenserI'm going to end this roundup on these awesome colorful Mason Jar-style beverage dispensers. They come in red, green, blue, and purple. Artistic beverage dispensing DONE!

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