5 reasons couples are turning to paperless wedding invitations from Glö

Guestpost by Taryn on Mar. 13th

Taryn launched Glö, which offers wedsites, paperless invites, and RSVPs, almost two years ago right here on Offbeat Bride. She previously assuaged our fears about the older generation when it comes to online invites. Now she's back to answer the question of WHY so many couples are going paperless with their wedding invitations.

Using Glö makes me feel like Superman and Batman together (but not the hulk, he had anger issues.)

Last week, my team and I conduced our semi-annual customer survey, and I had the chance to ask everyone first-hand why they decided to go paperless (or some level of paperless) for their wedding. The above quote came back from one excited Glöbie, and I was so freaking tickled to read it that I actually let out an audible squeeee! and managed to snort orange juice all over my desk. Classy.

Glö is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

Now I certainly know why I went paperless for my own wedding (the thought of giving up my precious weekends to stuff, address, stamp and lick envelopes, followed by weeks of "gently" reminding my guests to RSVP while attempting to coordinate multiple spreadsheets full of responses was enough to make me crawl into a small hole and cry). But what about everyone else? Was it only the most extreme of the eco/green folks? My fellow tech-nerds? The über non-traditional? I was very curious.

If you too are curios, keep reading to get in on my results of why everyone decided to go paperless with Glö:

1. To save time and stress

I love having everything in one happy, contained, sing-song little place — a wedding website with MULTIPLE events and RSVP questions (yes!), coordinated paperless and paper invites, privacy for my guests, and tons of customizable features to use if my little heart desires.
My favorite functionality is the RSVP and guest management. Glö has been the only way to manage my guests and RSVPs without going crazy. A close second is the ability to easily communicate with all of my guests at once via invitations, email messages and the website itself.
It made at least one of my wedding tasks effortless (and fun!)

2. To show off their personalities

We loved the endless design possibilities — especially being able to upload our own design (although we were this. close. to picking one of the incredible designs from your design partners.) Then, we had a blast filling our website with slideshows and other widgets, plus creating our registry out of Paypal buttons. 100% score!
It's so personalized — we had so many comments that our site was an amazing reflection of us as a couple.

3. To remain calm and in control

I love that we can restrict who can see what page and events on our website. Plus the ability to add and unlimited number of customizable RSVP questions.
The guest list household feature is great — we felt relaxed that we could indicate (in a classy way) which members of the household were invited to each event and whether a guest could bring a +1. Eliminate the risk of wedding-crasher surprises.
Our guests received their invitations immediately (no waiting around for weeks, bla!) and it's great that we can track who has viewed the invitations.
I feel liberated to plan my wedding!

4. To be thrifty!

Because it's so affordable. I love that I'm not paying for stamps (or worrying about the mail not being delivered.) I feel rather smug and smart if I do say so myself.

5. To save trees!

I can look the giant oak tree outside my apartment in its knobby old eye each day and smile

I LOVE to hear that! Seriously, heart strings sing-song-ing and la-la-la-ing with joy.

Now I know that going paperless isn't the right for every couple. Paper invites are gorgeous! That's why I partner with several kick-ass designers who create paperless invites and wedsite designs to match their paper/printable designs. Oh, and we offer matching paper invites for all our Glö designs too (in case you need a handful for older relatives).

Because I couldn't help myself. I also asked survey respondents what type of person they thought would benefit from going paperless. (fun, right?) I'm not sure there was much agreement…

A busy couple that cares about the environment… A modern person who wants to stay organized… Couples who are looking to do elegant weddings without breaking the bank… Everyone except people who hate working on computers… Someone with a wedding to plan, but no web design experience… Techie-types that love working on the computer and customizing things like crazy… On the go, hip couples… Laid-back, easy-going engaged people… A non-traditional bride who is freaked out by all the wedding fuss… A non-bridezilla… Those having logistically complicated weddings with multiple events in different places and different guestlists… Those having a simple, backyard wedding… Someone planning a destination wedding… A shotgun wedding couple (like us!)… Couples with a long planning time who want to keep everything organized…. Someone planning a smaller party… A couple with a massive guestlist… Anyone.

It's okay though, we're all entitled to our own opinion! Maybe you see yourself on that list?

For more inspiration from other couples who are going the paperless route, check out some real Glö-bie stories on our blog. Or if you have any questions, just give me a shout!

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