Ties that don't suck: Get in on the Cyberoptix secret

By on Mar. 6th

Psst: we're gonna let all of you in on a little secret that many many many many many many many many many Offbeat Brides AND grooms already know. What's this big secret? That the answers to all your tie needs can be found at Cyberoptix, the coolest little boutique design house specializing in men's affordable-but-luxurious accessories.

We're talking neckties, bow ties, and even scarves for guys (or gals) who love (or hate!) ties. Their motto, "Ties That Don't Suck," is so completely accurate and probably why SO many of our readers have already hooked up with them, even before Cyberoptix became an official Offbeat Vendor. Check out some of our favorite designs while we tell you all about why Offbeat Brides love them some Cyberoptix…

I just KNOW y'all will flip over their peacock tie.

Cyberoptix creates their gorgeous men's accessories with responsible design and manufacturing. They focus exclusively on hand-printed silk and microfiber (vegan!) neckties and only print with high-quality waterbased inks, which are not only better for the environment, they perform much better on the fabric. And, even though you can get a batch of matching designs, each necktie is unique because they're made by skilled hands, not robots!

Hee hee, the antler design is called Stag Party.

As mentioned before, we've featured a LOT of weddings where the respective parties rocked Cyberoptix ties and scarves. One bride even explained:

[My husband] liked [his Cyberoptix tie] so much he replaced all of his ties with their work. We also gave them to all the guys involved with the wedding. They were a big hit.

Speaking of husbands, check out the tie that I wanna purchase for that guy I married — the Turntable. In fact, their entire audiophile and circuit board tie sections rock my world.

In fact, all of their categories contain amazing designs just waiting to thrill and delight your entire wedding party. Got foodies in your wedding? The foodie section (that includes that Beer! tie) has got your gift-giving back.

I mean, what other tie company has these categories?:

Cyberoptix is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

None, none other tie company.

Cyberoptix also has XL ties for big and tall wearers, narrow selections for wearers with smaller frames, even toddler and youth sizes in many colors!

Want your wedding party to look this good? It's easy to do, because Cyberoptix offers discounts of 10%-20% on packages for weddings, commitment ceremonies, handfastings or any occasion which requires multiple, matching ties and/or scarves.

So, we're dying to know — which design are you gonna use for YOUR wedding party!?

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