An opulent multi-day HinJew wedding

By on Mar. 28th

When Emily of Emily Takes Photos sent us this San Francisco wedding, I was gobsmacked first by its amazingness and second by its enormity! There is so much to absorb here. Based on their heritage, Ruchira and Dave dubbed this their "HinJew" wedding!

Lowe House Creative had the honor of day-of coordination for the Baraat and the wedding. The three-day celebration included a mehndi party and Sangeet the night before, a Baraat/Welcome Ceremony, the wedding ceremony itself, and a hora at the reception.

The Sangeet, which they celebrated the night before the ceremony:

Some of the results from the mehndi party on display.

The Sangeet was the pre-party where Ruchi and Dave's loved ones put on an amazing show, with everything from singing, dancing, poems, speeches, and skits depicting moments in their life together.

The show closed with the 'Aunties and Uncles Dance,' in which they danced to a medley of popular Indian songs.

The Baraat/Welcome Ceremony:

The Baraat is the procession of the groom and his family and friends to the wedding. The groom rode a horse!

Some of the men from Ruchi's side taught the men from Dave's family some dance moves.

Ruchi's mother showered Dave with rice and flower petals to officially welcome him to her family while her other family members exchanged floral garlands with Dave's family members.

The wedding ceremony, reception, and hora:

Dave worked with his rabbi to incorporate his Jewish faith into the combined ceremony. There were two canopies: a Jewish Chuppah and a Hindu Mandap.

Ruchi's uncles wore yarmulkes, and Dave's family wore saris and kurtas to further combine their beliefs.

Their ceremony overlapped in the meaning of the number seven: Saptapadi are the Hindu seven steps around the holy fire, and Sheva B'rachot are the Jewish seven blessings.

A great look at the Galleria at the San Francisco Design Center.

The food was provided by Global Gourmet Catering.

The Hora had about 200 people in it, and the parents were hoisted too!

To see the rest of the story on each of the parts of this fantastic wedding, check out Emily's blog posts on the ceremony, the Sangeet, and the mehndi party.