On wedding photography minimalism

Guestpost by karynzero on Mar. 28th

I have always treasured my parents' wedding album, from the time that I discovered it on the bookshelf when I was six years old. I guess you could say my parents were a little offbeat, for the '60s anyway. They had a tiny little wedding in a huge cathedral; my father wore a suit and my mom wore a mini. They were so cute. (Look at how huge my mom's veil is, in an attempt to not look so short next to my dad!)

Their wedding album consists of exactly twelve 8×10 photographs. There's one wide shot of the ceremony in the cathedral, a photo of them signing their marriage license, a handful of portraits, one shot of the guests at the reception, and a photo of them cutting their tiny wedding cake.

That's it…

But it's still perfect and magical, and it captures their wedding day beautifully.

When I started to think about wedding photography for my own wedding, I wanted all the things and all the pictures. I couldn't get over the urge to capture every detail and moment. But the more I revisit my parents' album, the more I've come to the realization that I don't need (or even want) all the wedding porn that comes with some 8-hour package. I am not a model, and my wedding will not be a magazine photo spread.

This is just one more in a string of realizations I've had that "perfect for us" does not necessarily mean "perfect." And planning our wedding has gotten a lot easier with each one of these "ah-ha!" moments.

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